Russian striker and captain of the Washington Capitals National Hockey League (NHL) club, Alexander Ovechkin, is currently not negotiating with the capital team to conclude a new contract. According to the famous NBCSN journalist Bob Mackenzie, the parties postponed the dialogue until at least April 2021.

“Ovechkin spoke with Capitals general manager Brian McLellan several times this season about this. So far, they have postponed negotiations until April, but the parties are not at all worried about the situation. Ovechkin wants to stay at the Capitals, and so does the club. The question, apparently, is only in the amount that Alexander wants to receive. He probably expects to earn more than he is getting now, ”said Mackenzie.

The term of the agreement between Ovechkin and the Capitals is calculated until the end of the current season, after the expiration of the contract, the Russian can become an unlimited free agent. He earns $ 9.5 million a year.