Russian ice hockey star, three-time world champion, Stanley Cup winner. The great Alexander, as he was dubbed by the fans of the Washington Capitals club, is today rightfully called an NHL superstar and is approaching hockey legends in record performance

Childhood and youth

Alexander was born in 1985 in Moscow. Alexander is the third and youngest child in the family. From early childhood, the boy became interested in hockey, and from the age of 8 he began to go to the profile section thanks to his older brother. The mother of the future hockey player, the famous basketball player Tatyana Ovechkina, defender of the USSR national team. As part of the national team, she became a two-time Olympic champion. Father, Mikhail – a former professional footballer, played for the capital “Dynamo”. Parents did not want Sasha to be fond of such unsafe sports, moreover, the boy had to stop exercising, since his relatives could not take him to training. Alexander was helped to return to his vocation by the coach, who was convinced that Ovechkin was a born hockey player, and persuaded his parents not to miss such prospects. Also, the support of his brother Sergei played a significant role in achieving the current success in the guy’s life. When Sasha was 10 years old, Sergei died in an accident. The boy was very upset about the death of his brother

Since childhood, Alexander Ovechkin had a strong-willed character and a desire to win. Thanks to these qualities, he was invited to the Moscow hockey school “Dynamo”. This club was the first step towards Alexander’s professional career.

Alexander went through teams of all ages and never stopped being the best. Popular publications and professional athletes positioned him as a talented and promising hockey player.

At the age of 16, Sasha became the youngest participant in the Russian Super League. The next serious competition, Alexander Ovechkin, was in 2002, and 2003 became a landmark for the young athlete: he received the title of winner of the World Youth Championship, after which he was invited to the national team. In addition, 13 goals scored in the period 2003-2004 brought the hockey player the title of the best sniper in the club’s history.

Alexander has a higher education. He defended his diploma from the Russian University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2008

Personal life

Ovechkin’s personal life has always attracted the attention of the media, tracking not only sports successes, but also the relationship of a star hockey player with women. Among those whom the press declared Ovechkin’s girls were TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva, singer Zhanna Friske, lead singer of Black Eyed Peas Fergie. The hockey player himself said that he would make a marriage proposal only to a girl from Russia. Since the end of 2011, Ovechkin has been dating tennis player Maria Kirilenko. The couple met at one of the US Open matches, the words of Alexander: “I approached Nadya Petrova during her warm-up for a doubles match, which they played with Masha. We talked with Masha, exchanged phones, and after that everything went and went. ” In December 2012, Ovechkin and Kirilenko announced their engagement, but the wedding did not take place in July 2014, the couple broke up at the initiative of Kirilenko.

In 2015, the hockey player began dating 21-year-old model Anastasia Shubskaya, daughter of actress Vera Glagoleva and millionaire Kirill Shubsky. They met at the Beijing Olympics (2008), but did not maintain a relationship for a long time. In 2015, the girl almost drowned in Dubai and told about the incident to her Instagram subscribers. Among them was Ovechkin. Concerned about Nastya’s condition, he decided to support her personally. So their whirlwind romance began, which ended with a magnificent wedding. The celebration took place in July 2017. On August 18, 2018, Alexander’s firstborn was born, his son was named Sergei, and on May 27, 2020 Alexander became a father for the second time, his son was named Ilya.


The best goal in NHL history is still considered the goal scored by Alexander Ovechkin in 2006 against the Phoenix Coyotes. The hockey player manages to make a dash, being in a state of falling at an acute angle to the goal